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Star City 2 bedroom Condo for rent

$490 /month
  • တိုင်း/ပြည်နယ်: ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း
  • မြို့နယ်စုံ: သန်လျင်
  • ရောင်း/ငှား: ငှား
  • အိမ်ခြံမြေအမျိုးအစား: ကွန်ဒို
  • အထပ်: 5th Floor
  • Property ID: 52543
  • Master Bedroom: 1
  • Common Bedroom: 1
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Property size: 946 Sqft
  • Phone: 09799186168

အခြားပါဝင်သော ပစ္စည်းများ


#StarCity Zone B Condo for rent.

946 SQFT (88 SQM)

2 Beds, 2 Baths at building B4 5th floor with garden view balcony.

Rent starting as low as USD 490!
(for SEMI furnished option as seen in photos, FULLY furnished option is also available)
Monthly payments are ACCEPTED.
Enjoy DISCOUNTS with lump sum payment. More info below.

For those unfamiliar with Star City a type B unit is closest to the lifts and doesn’t share a wall with the unit next door. Since a service area separates between them you can have enjoy privacy without noise troubles. Also Zone B has plenty of covered car parking and are a lot more quiet at night.

♧ Master bedroom with an attached bathroom, double sided walk-in closet and a dresser table.
♧ Second bedroom with an adjacent bathroom and wardrobe.
♧ Living room with sofas, coffee table and TV stand.
♧ Dining area with table set, storage cabinet and shelves.
♧ Fully equipped kitchen with cabinets and natural granite countertop.
♧ Bathrooms with hot showers and shower glasses.

♡ Quality home appliances:
☆ 3 LG air conditioners.
☆ LG 10kg fully auto washing machine.
☆ Hitachi refrigerator.
☆ Panasonic TV (Skynet settop box & Android box)
☆ Rinnai glass gas stove
☆ Teka exhaust hood.
☆ Japan brand microwave.
☆ Ariston 30 liter water heater.

Can also provide electric stove, rice cooker, thermo pot, drip coffee machine and utensils.

♡ Glazed Porcelain floor tiles in the living room for durability and elegance. So pets are welcome! ??

♡ Quality Wood Laminate floors in the bedrooms for comfort and coziness.

♡ Eclion brand tempered shower glass and stainless steel hinges for safety and cleanliness.

♡ Key furniture are made with real teak or hardwood coated with premium wood laminates. (Not made with cheap particle/chip boards coated with paper or paint that can easily result in damage compensations and mold/moisture during wet seasons)
☆ Healthy natural teak bedframes.
☆ Hardwood for closets, cabinets and other furniture.

♡ Soft colors, patterns and textures for walls, furniture and curtains that are pleasant to the eyes.

Rate is negotiable depending on your request of additional items. I have not put the following items yet because some tenants may already have their own, prefer new or don’t need them.

◇ Additional items below are available for FULLY furnished option. The less items you require the lower the rent!
New mattresses & pillows
Bedside cabinets
Shoe cabinet
Standing lamps
50″ TV

Monthly payments are accepted with initial payment of 2 month rents (for the first and the last months) at contract signing.

MONTHLY payment rates are
◇ USD 600 for FULLY furnished.
◇ USD 550 for BASIC furnished.

5% DISCOUNT if paid in lump sum for 6 months.
◇ USD 570 for FULLY furnished.
◇ USD 520 for BASIC furnished.

10% DISCOUNT if paid in lump sum for 1 year.
◇ USD 540 for FULLY furnished.
◇ USD 490 for BASIC furnished.

A refundable security deposit of USD 500 is required.
Fixed rate, NO rate increase guaranteed for up to 3 years!

Star City is a gated community in a lush green environment with events and activities making it most suitable for families. Security at each building and throughout the compund. Amenities include swimming pool, sports field, parks, playgrounds, gym, City Mart, City Express, restaurants, Dulwich College international school and even a golf club!

I speak fluent English and live quite close to Thanlyin to address your needs during your stay. Please feel free to PM me for further information.

  • ID: 52543
  • Online တင်ခဲ့သည့်နေ့ ဒီဇင်ဘာ 18, 2020
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